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Do you have COVID-19 symptoms or were in close contact with someone who has COVID-19?

Covid-19 Testing SERVICES

We strive to provide an efficient testing place for everyone. United Covid Care offers COVID-19 testing services in Chicago; we provide free RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen testing services to our customers because testing has become a requirement for returning to your life, resuming your business, or traveling anywhere around the world.

Types of Covid-19 tests offered


Real-Time PCR covid-19

Quick, effective, and high-quality COVID-19 PCR Test. 

Antigen Test 

Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Test 

The COVID-19 test results can be delivered in minutes rather than days. 

Antibody Test

Covid-19 Antibody Test

Get your immunity level checked through the antibody count.

Safety Management

Workplace Safety Management Test

We will help you monitor your employees’ health and retain prevention from COVID-19.  


United Covid Care provides you with the COVID-19 testing services in Chicago without any cost to you. You will not be charged a copay or deductible because we will bill your insurance. Although, your health insurance plan may refuse to pay for the test if you only want it for testing and not for diagnosis. However, if you are uninsured, the HRSA program of the federal government will pay for your test.
In case of further queries, don’t hesitate to contact your health insurance provider for more information.

If you are traveling or have just come back from a tour and are worried about Delta Virus or the other variants, make an appointment today for a COVID-19 test at a United Covid Care Lab testing place near you.
Your safe health is our priority. Make it yours too!